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In early 2005 Log Cabin Camp underwent a rigorous and stringent process called, ‘Camping With Confidence’. Which forms the guidelines for the Accreditation program through the, ‘Australian Camps Association. In April 2005 Log Cabin Camp became a fully accredited campsite.

'Camping with Confidence' is a national accreditation program designed to ensure the camping or outdoor experience is able to be conducted in a manner where the safety of participants and staff is assured. This means the buildings are appropriate and that proper activity equipment is provided and used in a safe manner. It ensures there are clear procedures for supervising campers and administering bookings and proper planning has been done to manage emergencies should they arise.

The variety of campsites and outdoor experiences ensures that different groups - large or small, children or adult, school, special interest, community - can enjoy diverse experiences. Accreditation recognises the diversity and ensures that regardless of the type of experience your safety has been considered as paramount.

An accredited campsite or outdoor activity provider will have been assessed by an independent person to have met 23 requirements and over 75 checklist items in the areas ofAustralian Camps Association Logo

To achieve some of these, operators will need to have been inspected by recognised authorities such as the environmental health officer and building inspector. Emergency planning will have been carefully considered and planned. Australian Standards and codes of practice will have provided a basis for other assessments.

Accreditation isn't a 'sit back and forget' approach. Campsites still have a responsibility to be regularly assessing facilities against established standards and procedures. Insurance companies also place a high value on good written procedures for the safe management of campsites and outdoor organisations.

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