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Indoor/Outdoor Games

Log Cabin Camp has available a detailed list of fun and exciting games available for all ages and often very handy in adverse weather conditions. Details, descriptions and rules are available from the Program Room on site at Log Cabin Camp. Some of the games are suitable for playing in the recreation room at the barn in case of wet weather.

This Booklet can be accessed at any time on your arrival and could be useful to help fill in those in between times.

The following is a list of available outdoor and indoor equipment and games:-


  • Baseball Bats
  • Basketball
  • Football
  • Giant checkers
  • Tennis balls
  • Volleyball
  • Cricket Bats & Wickets
  • Field Markers
  • Tug of war rope


  • Table Tennis Table
  • Pool Table
  • Hooky
  • Quoits 
  • Blockbusters  
  • TV/DVD

Indoor Outdoor Games
Indoor Outdoor Games

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